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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sauna Belt

Recently purchased a sauna belt from . Boy that thing gets hot. According to Seenontvexpress, the Velform Sauna Belt acts like a traditional sauna, but is able to target specific body parts with direct heat. While using the suana belt you are either standing up(not moving and near electric) or laying down in bed, and can not use it for no longer than 45 minutes per sitting. Well have only used it for several nights, but I will have to let you know how it turns out. Also noticed the belt is a nice to use if it is a little cool out side. Can hardly wait for that six pack to appear. Well I am just hoping to get back into my size 34 with the use of my sauna belt.
Love that as Seen on TV store. Purchased the Sauna Belt, and arrived within a week. The next thing I think I am going to get from them is their Esteban Guitar package. I have a niece who is having a birthday that would love to learn play guitar. Ahh, so many cool products, so little time.


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