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Monday, October 13, 2008

Consumer Reviews on Consupo

“The salad was shredded and stringy, limp and lifeless…”

“Customer service reps always seem too busy to deal with me…”

“The bartenders are really nice and sometimes will give you free drinks if you smile really big...”

“Every time I end up there, I am disappointed by the food…”

These are just some of the entertaining, yet informative reviews you’ll find from Consupo, the latest online community created especially for consumers to voice their opinions.

Membership is free and users can give “props” or “beef” to a company, product, employer, even politician and have the opportunity to post videos and pictures as evidence for their case.

Consupo is also designed so that you can easily browse other companies’ consumer reviews , check out new products, or even investigate a prospective employer.

So whether you’ve got beef to raise or props to give, Consupo is certainly more than just an amusing read.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Getting a Real Live Human

Don't you hate when companies have long messages, and it seems impossible to get a real live talking human being?
I was just on this article that has advice about getting through to a real person. Check out
PBX Hell: 50+ Hacks Get to a Real Person in 10 Seconds or Less for some really helpful tips that are sure to expedite your phone call and reduce your stress level.


Monday, January 08, 2007

Diet Smoothie

We ordered Diet Smoothies from last week and we received them today and actually had them for lunch at about 1pm. I had been noticing my waist size gradually getting bigger, and since it is a new year, what a better way to start off than with a diet. Actually, I started prior to the new year, but it officially is starting now. Lizzie too had been noticing her clothing getting a little tighter than she prefers.
So we have some goals that we will attempt to revisit quarterly, and one of the more important ones is to get in shape. We are attempting to go to the gym at a minumum of 3-4 times per week. Went 3 times last week, and once this week so far. We are also going to be eating a lot healthier. This means less eating out, more fish and chicken, and you guessed it having smoothie instead of a meal on a daily basis.
The Lean Cocoa Bean smoothie that I had for lunch tasted pretty good. It has the consistency of a thin milk shake, and tastes much like a glass of chocolate milk. Its loaded with vitamins and minerals and only has about 110 calories per serving. The shakes are mixed in a blender with skim milk or fruit juice. We chose skim milk...not quite sure what the chocolate smoothie would taste like with OJ. Reading the label, I notice the Rightsize Smoothies have an ingredient called Apemine which is an appetite reducer. It is now quarter to 4, and we both are not hungry.
Anyway I will update the post with my future weight loss progess using the shakes as time permits.
For more information about Rightsize Smoothies, or to get some smoothie recipes, visit

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shopping Blogs

New Shopping blogs have been created using the Wordpress platform. For some things blogger is my favorite, and I will continue to maintain the blogs that I currently have here, unless some drastic changes to Blogger occur. I in particular like the feature of being able to categorize the posts on the blogs. I also like the editing functions of the Wordpress platform more than Blogger. Blogger has a few things going for it, primarily its community.

The new shopping blogs are:

  • My Consumer Blog on Wordpress. This will be the sister site of this one, in that it wil be my primary shopping blog, and this blog will serve to support it. My most recent post is Holdiday Shopping. This post wil become a ever growing resource list for people to use in their online shopping experiences.

  • I also have a Christmas Shopping Blog were I most recently told of my Black Friday Shopping experience at the Reading Best Buy.
  • I also have a new pet blog, where I talk about my pets and have a bunch of links to pet related sites.

  • Another site that I have had up for a while that does require a little attention is a Home Improvement Blog I started for a home improvement site I am involved with as a webmaster.

  • For the past Halloween, I made a Halloween Costumes and masks blog for a friend.

  • I am also involved with a Corn Stove site, and I made a new Corn Stove Blog for it, that has been getting quite a lot of traffic.
Hopefully I have not forgotten any blogs, but if I have, I will get them in the next post about my Shopping Blogs updates.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Preowned Car Shopping Best Salesperson

Just finished writing the post on the Lizzie Bean Blog entitled Travels of Lizzie Bean: Preowned Honda Odyssey

Lizzie and I just purchased this Honda Odyssey, and will gladly do business with Carsense again. The wonderful no pressure, no haggling procedure is a relief when buying a car. The salesperson, George does not work on commision, but does benefit from positive feed back. As far as we are concerned, George gets straight A's. Thanks George, we look forward to dealing with you and again.

A. Donkus

Monday, October 23, 2006

Sales Pitch for Time Share

Our second annual trip to Las Vegas this week is in progress even as I write this post. As reported Pixelheadonline Blog, we are staying at the MGM Grand, not in the West Wing as promised, but we do have a room. Lizzie was a bit dissapointed that we had not been approached to see any time shares. We were planning on doing one so we could catch a show. Finally, last night, after a whole day on the strip, outside of the Alladin, we were propositioned and offered a show, a meal, and 3 nights and 2 day trip to watch the presentation for the time share for a new Planet Hollywood compound.
We are scheduled to go and see a two hour presentation at 3pm today. Lizzie asked if it was a hard sell, and Judy our second sales person(the first Mark got us in off the street) said we can say no, and we are under no obligation to buy. Judy said that she has had numerous people come back and say thasy actually had fun.
I did a little reviewing and Westgate Resorts is the third largest time share company in the US. They also do have a lot of negative feedback, but most of what I found was about their opperations in Florida, not in Las Vegas. After the sales pitch, I will follow up.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

LEGO Star Wars Art

As I searched the web for anything related to LEGOs and art I came across this really cool blog - LEGO Star Wars. Kids are becoming less and less interested in art, drawing and the like - possibly due to computers, video games, etc. But this site combines both art and video games. LEGO, which has been popular with kids, especially boys, from the beginning of time, now has a site that shows exactly how to draw the popular LEGO characters. - one of my favorite sites for educational toys - which I learned about here - My Consumer News: Lego Mindstorm Robotic Toys, has an entire section devoted to LEGO and LEGO Star Wars toys. This would be a great place to start the beginnings of your LEGO collection.