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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thrift Stores

Ever since I started shopping for my own clothes I have buying form thrift stores. The first time I bought something at one was when my grandfather took me to one and I bought a blue jean suit jacket which I had for many years. I also bought a coffee mug that day and still have it 20 some odd years later. The jacket has long since been out grown and out dated. But I have since then visited and purchased many items from thrift stores. When I was in college, my wardrobe was continually being upgraded by the local thrift shops. The best thrift shops are in the really expensive neighborhoods. While selling insurance, my whole business attire was almost entirely obtained from thrift shops.
Some of my favorite thrift stores are:
So for a great bargain, check your local thrift shops. The Goodwill fashions store off of 422 in Royersford has a great deal. You can buy a shopping card and it will give you an additional 30% off of color marked clothing. We used it the same day, and it more than paid for itself. Cards are good for a year, and are accepted at any Goodwill store.


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