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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Health and Wellness Products

Health and Wellness Products
Recently while under the weather with some buy, I ran out of my Echinacea. Even though I was taking cold pills and sinus meds, I find if I start a regimen of Echinacea immediately when I notice symptoms of a cold, I can either stop it dead in its tracks or at least shorten its duration. Not that I have any solid proof, but it does seem to help, and if millions of other people use it, it must have some effect. Just because its not backed by the AMA, does not mean it is not effective.
Anyway, while searching on line, I found a Health and Wellness Products Website that not only had Echinacea, but also had Valerian Root to help my restless mind sleep at night. My mom had given me some on one of my visits, and I never slept so well at her house. (View some valerian roots just harvested from Henriette's Herbal Blog.)
My order was placed on Thursday afternoon. I received an email from the sites customer support telling me it would be shipped ASAP, and they also wished me well. The products arrived yesterday(Saturday) in the mail. After having taken one dose of Echinacea, I am feeling healther already.
My experience with the Herbalnaturalhealthplus website was very positive. I would definitely recommend this site to friends, and I will surely order other health and wellness products from them in the future.

Found the health and wellness site on:

Health And Fitness :: Resources Online Your online health and fitness resource centre.
and then while surfing also saw it on:

eNatural - Natural Therapies Directory
Find a Natural Therapist near you with eNatural Natural Therapies Directory

So it must be good.


  • Great products from that site. I also bought the Valerian Root. Works great, although it does have a really strong odor. But as long as I don't keep it too close to my bed I its fine.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:33 PM  

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