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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Slaw Dogs

Slaw dogs, hot dogs with cole slaw are my favorite type of hot dog. A Slaw Dog list of places that serve slaw dogs is being compiled at

Surprisingly, I have come upon many places that do not or will not serve slaw dogs. Hot Dog joints in the Lehigh Valley to include Yoccos, Sharkey's, Potts Doggie Shop, Jimmy's Hot Dogs, and Richards Drive-In to name a few, don't serve them. They all have very fine hot dogs however. The one that I have frequented the most is probably Sharkies, because it is so close the Earth-in-Hand, the Landscape Company that I worked for several years.

Just found a really cool food site that has a tremendous hot dog page. Wow, I am hungry again. Have to see about visiting the place I saw on the menu they serve a hot dog with cream cheese and onions. HMM. They also have a hot dog site .
Hot dogs as amazing as it may seem can be really awful. I had the worst Chili dog in Kutztown yesterday. So terrible that I had to take all of the chili off. Marks the place I got them from, is saved, because I also got an order of Onion rings that were mouth wateringly good. Oh, and no slaw dogs on the menu.


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