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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks are here to stay. More and more companies are getting into the Energy drink market, and Red Bull sees it s market share dwindle. No wonder...I don't like its taste at all. As the market continues to grow I can for see the prices of them coming down considerably to be more competive. There are many more superior products out there in comparison to the bull. Just the other day I had an Energy Drink, Lost Five-O Energy+Juice. Great taste even my son liked. Plus I love the cans. The next Energy drink I prefer is XS energy drinks, which needs to be purchased online or from a distributor. Great tasting drinks with loads of adaptogenic herbs. If you need a shot of vitamin B, this is your Energy drink.

Below is my Energy Drink List. I will add to this list as I discover drinks that I enjoy, and I am also including herbal drinks and teas.
  1. XS Energy Drinks(email me I can hook you up with a distributor) particularly love the Lemon Blast and the Tropical Blast
  2. Lost Energy+Juice
  3. Arizona Green Tea with Honey
  4. Sobe(love em all)
  5. Snapple especially diet lemon tea
  6. Turkey Hill teas (I love the ginseng with honey)

If you see a drink that I should try...Let me know.


  • Just had an Archer Farms sugar Free Grapefruit Energy Drink. Quite refreshing. Archer Farms products are distributed by Target.

    Oh, just surfing and came across this site that has reviews of over 70 different "Energy Drinks" you can use the influence...
    Keep on adding to your list...

    By Blogger Elizablitzzz, at 3:49 PM  

  • I notice you conveniently left out the fact that XS is Amway/Quixstar's product which you obviously know since you are able to "hook up" any interested person..

    You are probably an Amway/Quixstar distributor who likes to play the hide and seek game...

    Personally, the best energy drink on the market is A.C.T., a great tasting product with practically no sugar, no caffeine, no sodium, no carbs, and no calories.

    It tastes great, works fast, no jitters, no crash and burn, and the energy boost lasts longer than leading brands.

    Most importantly, you can make a lot more money selling it than you can Amway's product!

    And here's the best part: Since it is being promoted by the manufacturer directly, they have a FREE distributorship program!

    Distributors are earning from a few thousand a month to up to $50,000 a month or more within their first 12 months! Nobody does that in Amway either that quick because their pay plan is antiquated!

    Better product-better pay plan-more money!

    For details and to get your FREE energy drink distributorship, FREE website, plus the next highest position available in our SuccessStak, send an email to:

    Use sujbect: Blog Reader Wants FREE Distributorship! Send Info!

    By Anonymous Ken Stewart, at 4:00 AM  

  • @Ken Stewart, in the past I was a Quixtar/Amway distributor, but that was many moons ago.
    I also tried the A.C.T engergy drinks several months ago, and was not too keen on the taste. However a friend I gave one to said he liked it much better than Red Bull and he liked the energy kick he got from it as well.
    Sorry to say, I still am partial to the XS energy drinks, but have not had to many of late because I let my Quixtar membership expire...I am sure I will run into a distributor in the future that will hook me up with some XS engergy drinks.

    By Blogger donk.usa, at 10:19 AM  

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