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Monday, October 13, 2008

Consumer Reviews on Consupo

“The salad was shredded and stringy, limp and lifeless…”

“Customer service reps always seem too busy to deal with me…”

“The bartenders are really nice and sometimes will give you free drinks if you smile really big...”

“Every time I end up there, I am disappointed by the food…”

These are just some of the entertaining, yet informative reviews you’ll find from Consupo, the latest online community created especially for consumers to voice their opinions.

Membership is free and users can give “props” or “beef” to a company, product, employer, even politician and have the opportunity to post videos and pictures as evidence for their case.

Consupo is also designed so that you can easily browse other companies’ consumer reviews , check out new products, or even investigate a prospective employer.

So whether you’ve got beef to raise or props to give, Consupo is certainly more than just an amusing read.



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