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Monday, October 23, 2006

Sales Pitch for Time Share

Our second annual trip to Las Vegas this week is in progress even as I write this post. As reported Pixelheadonline Blog, we are staying at the MGM Grand, not in the West Wing as promised, but we do have a room. Lizzie was a bit dissapointed that we had not been approached to see any time shares. We were planning on doing one so we could catch a show. Finally, last night, after a whole day on the strip, outside of the Alladin, we were propositioned and offered a show, a meal, and 3 nights and 2 day trip to watch the presentation for the time share for a new Planet Hollywood compound.
We are scheduled to go and see a two hour presentation at 3pm today. Lizzie asked if it was a hard sell, and Judy our second sales person(the first Mark got us in off the street) said we can say no, and we are under no obligation to buy. Judy said that she has had numerous people come back and say thasy actually had fun.
I did a little reviewing and Westgate Resorts is the third largest time share company in the US. They also do have a lot of negative feedback, but most of what I found was about their opperations in Florida, not in Las Vegas. After the sales pitch, I will follow up.


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