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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shopping Blogs

New Shopping blogs have been created using the Wordpress platform. For some things blogger is my favorite, and I will continue to maintain the blogs that I currently have here, unless some drastic changes to Blogger occur. I in particular like the feature of being able to categorize the posts on the blogs. I also like the editing functions of the Wordpress platform more than Blogger. Blogger has a few things going for it, primarily its community.

The new shopping blogs are:

  • My Consumer Blog on Wordpress. This will be the sister site of this one, in that it wil be my primary shopping blog, and this blog will serve to support it. My most recent post is Holdiday Shopping. This post wil become a ever growing resource list for people to use in their online shopping experiences.

  • I also have a Christmas Shopping Blog were I most recently told of my Black Friday Shopping experience at the Reading Best Buy.
  • I also have a new pet blog, where I talk about my pets and have a bunch of links to pet related sites.

  • Another site that I have had up for a while that does require a little attention is a Home Improvement Blog I started for a home improvement site I am involved with as a webmaster.

  • For the past Halloween, I made a Halloween Costumes and masks blog for a friend.

  • I am also involved with a Corn Stove site, and I made a new Corn Stove Blog for it, that has been getting quite a lot of traffic.
Hopefully I have not forgotten any blogs, but if I have, I will get them in the next post about my Shopping Blogs updates.


  • here's a great list of consumer review sites so you can research before you buy:

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:31 PM  

  • i loooove shopping online, especially since there are competition for good prices as well as coupon codes n discounts offered - makes shipping easier and funner :D

    By Anonymous Consumer Product Reviews, at 3:46 PM  

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