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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Philly Cheese Steaks(English Please)

Philly Cheese Steaks seem to be in the news, or atleast one of Philedelphia's finest cheese steak establishments is in the news. I am speaking of Geno's(not giving him a link...don't want to give negative attention) who has currently has the "Speak English" sign up in front of his restaurant. I have not had Geno's Cheese steaks thus far, but I spoke with Lizzie of the blog "The Travels of Lizzie Bean" and she has been there and tells me they are the best. Lizzie has also had Pat's Steak Sandwiches, the rival of Geno's, but does not remember which one she liked better. We will have to make a Cheese Steak road trip.
I am not sure what my view is on the "Speak English" sign, although, I do believe that the government should not have a right to tell him to take it down. If the owner wants to make "boneheaded policies" I believe the government should mind its own business. I have heard comments in the news about eligations of racism due to the sign. As far as I know, any race can speak English.
I have a suggestions for Geno's: Have computer translators installed, so that people can translate from their native language into English. They could also give mini English lessons to customers so that they would be able to order in English, theryby creating a more loyal Cheese Steak following. Perhaps his sign should say "Please attempt to order in English". Most people (excluding the French) would more than likely attempt to learn and use the correct English.


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