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Friday, August 11, 2006

Alex's Lemonade Stand Heist

Well July is over and Rita's is still serving Alex's Lemonade Ice. Lizzy is not complaining nor am I. Although I do like the other flavors. I think blueberry has to be my favorite...blueberries are brain food after all. The Boyertown Rita's also had Alex's parents over on Sunday July 23rd. They also were shaving heads for charity that day. I was a little disappointed thought that they did not shave down to the skin.
Alex's was also in the news recently when some juvenile's broke into Alex's headquarters and stole some cash and some other items. The way it sounds, the people who broken in new what they were looking for. What kind of people would steel from such an organization. I like to believe Karma comes around. I just hope they needed the money more than the kids whom it was meant to help.
If it doesn't make you cry thinking about it, it might make you laugh if you think of the thugs stupidity. What kind of person goes and steels lemonade stand money.


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