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Friday, June 16, 2006

Philly Cheese Steak

Philly Cheese Steak List

Following the previous Cheese Steak posting, I thought I would start a list of Cheese Steaks that I have had that were acceptable...and any comments if they deserve if any. Many of the places that are in this list, I have written about in Lizzie's travel blog in numerous postings.

  • Oaks Italian Deli Pizzeria has quite a nice cheese steak...also has nice selection of pizza slices available and outdoor seating. (610) 666-0280
  • Sunset Grill and Pizzeria(610)917-9404-a small place, but quality food. Very tasty cheese steak(believe I had chicken)
  • Independence Brew Pub has an adequate Cheese Steak...I will take it, but their saving grace is their beer selection.
  • Eve's Lunch in Norristown...tremendously good Cheese Steakesque sandwich called a Zep...soooo goood.610-277-6600
  • Zandy's in Allentown (610) 434-7874 a really good Cheese Steak in the Lehigh Valley
  • The Brass Rail (610) 797-2484 has quite a following in the Lehigh Valley. Acutally will ship cheese steaks.

This is a list of places that I have had cheese steak sandwiches. Next post will be of Cheese steak places that I have heard are good, but I want to try. If you know any places please leave me a comment and I wil try to add to one or both lists(will have to visit and eat one to add to this Cheese Steak list)


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