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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Boyertown Rita's has Alex's Lemonade

All during the month of July, Rita's Water Ice is having Alex's Lemonade Water Ice. It is just like their lemon ice, but it is Alex's. Buy an Alex's Lemon Ice and they will make a contribution to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation witch is an organization that seeks to cure childhood cancer. The founder, Alexandra "Alex" Scott , was 8 years old when she died from a form of childhood cancer. When she was four, her and her brother held their first annual lemonade stand sale, and they had one every year after that even when her health began to deteriorate. Today the organization has raised millions of dollars to support childhood cancer research.
I frequently stop in at the Boyertown Rita's and have an ice. Lemon ice, which is a favorite of Lizzie's, ordinarily runs out. Due to the Alex's Lemonade special this month, Lizzie will have plenty of opportunity to indulge in Lemon ice from Rita's.


  • Hi, I found your blog through your comment on Unplugged Living. You've got a pretty cool site here.

    I haven't heard of Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation before, but it sounds great, and they're working for a really good cause. Thanks for posting this. Personally, I found it pretty heartwarming.

    By Blogger Lynn, at 12:22 PM  

  • Lynn,
    Thanks for your comment, I believe it is a good organization. For the first time in a store I actually saw bottled Alex's Lemonade.
    Oh, and if you can make it to Boyertown, Alex's parents will be at Rita's Water Ice on July 23rd.

    By Blogger donk.usa, at 1:57 PM  

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