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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cheap Telephone, Internet, and Cable

My sons birthday is approaching, and he said what he wants for his birthday is high speed Internet. They currently have Service Electric for their provider of both Internet and Cable TV. The Internet they have is a cable modem, which still requires the use of phone line for upstream. This is better than standard dial up, but it is still too slow. I have been looking at Comcast as their Internet and Cable provider. I know numerous people who have them for these services, and they rarely have trouble, unlike Service Electric. Once they get high speed they can then get Vonage for their phone service. If Comcast does not have Phone service like Vonage, they should. Next, I think she needs to cut off her premium channels, which continually play the same movies over and over again, and sign up for the unlimited plan with Netflix.
Another thing they could do to lower their monthly bills is to disconnect their long distance and use International Phone Cards from Cloncom instead. This is an option if they are unable to get highspeed internet out in the boonies.

Update: I signed up for Verizon DSL, and it is scheduled to be hooked up on 7/29/2006. I am nervous about this because at the bottom of the reciept, there is a statement that says it is still not for sure that Verizon DSL can be gotten at the address. The initial quote may be wrong. Look forward to a future posts if the intial quote from Verizon is estimate is wrong. Seems a little suspect to me....

Update: Got an email on the 14th of July saying it was ok to hook up the Internet connection. Due to traveling to Ontario,Canada with Lizzie Bean, I did not get to hook it up untill later on in the week. But when I did get it hooked up, it was done in less than 15 minutes. Has been up and running since then with no problems. Much better than their previous Internet connection.


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