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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Soda Machines in School

I was reading Tom Keating's post "Coke's New Twist on Vending Machines" and was having flash backs of my teaching days in lunch rooms where the din could only be silenced by ear plugs, of which smart teachers have at their disposal.
The new interactive fridge looks like a device that will go over big with the new up coming consumers, with its ability to be interactive. This will be great for the Coke memorabilia collectors, especially if these new machines replace the current models...Have you ever priced those old machines.
I am sure the coke machines will still be in the lunch rooms, however, they will more than likely be stocked with Cokes more nutritious products such Dansani bottled water, Fruitopia, Nestea, and Powerade.
I am also sure that with the passage of this legislation, it will create a greater demand for carbonated beverages. Students will be smuggling them in, and sneaking into the bathrooms to secretly drink a high octane beverage. In my ten years in the school system, I caught more than one student downing a soda during break.
This ban on unhealthy food will do no more than create a demand for them, after all we always want what we can not have.

So I am making two predictions:

  1. unhealthy products will continue to and actually increase in abundance in schools
  2. collectible soda machine prices will increase

Friday, June 16, 2006

Philly Cheese Steak

Philly Cheese Steak List

Following the previous Cheese Steak posting, I thought I would start a list of Cheese Steaks that I have had that were acceptable...and any comments if they deserve if any. Many of the places that are in this list, I have written about in Lizzie's travel blog in numerous postings.

  • Oaks Italian Deli Pizzeria has quite a nice cheese steak...also has nice selection of pizza slices available and outdoor seating. (610) 666-0280
  • Sunset Grill and Pizzeria(610)917-9404-a small place, but quality food. Very tasty cheese steak(believe I had chicken)
  • Independence Brew Pub has an adequate Cheese Steak...I will take it, but their saving grace is their beer selection.
  • Eve's Lunch in Norristown...tremendously good Cheese Steakesque sandwich called a Zep...soooo goood.610-277-6600
  • Zandy's in Allentown (610) 434-7874 a really good Cheese Steak in the Lehigh Valley
  • The Brass Rail (610) 797-2484 has quite a following in the Lehigh Valley. Acutally will ship cheese steaks.

This is a list of places that I have had cheese steak sandwiches. Next post will be of Cheese steak places that I have heard are good, but I want to try. If you know any places please leave me a comment and I wil try to add to one or both lists(will have to visit and eat one to add to this Cheese Steak list)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Philly Cheese Steaks(English Please)

Philly Cheese Steaks seem to be in the news, or atleast one of Philedelphia's finest cheese steak establishments is in the news. I am speaking of Geno's(not giving him a link...don't want to give negative attention) who has currently has the "Speak English" sign up in front of his restaurant. I have not had Geno's Cheese steaks thus far, but I spoke with Lizzie of the blog "The Travels of Lizzie Bean" and she has been there and tells me they are the best. Lizzie has also had Pat's Steak Sandwiches, the rival of Geno's, but does not remember which one she liked better. We will have to make a Cheese Steak road trip.
I am not sure what my view is on the "Speak English" sign, although, I do believe that the government should not have a right to tell him to take it down. If the owner wants to make "boneheaded policies" I believe the government should mind its own business. I have heard comments in the news about eligations of racism due to the sign. As far as I know, any race can speak English.
I have a suggestions for Geno's: Have computer translators installed, so that people can translate from their native language into English. They could also give mini English lessons to customers so that they would be able to order in English, theryby creating a more loyal Cheese Steak following. Perhaps his sign should say "Please attempt to order in English". Most people (excluding the French) would more than likely attempt to learn and use the correct English.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks are here to stay. More and more companies are getting into the Energy drink market, and Red Bull sees it s market share dwindle. No wonder...I don't like its taste at all. As the market continues to grow I can for see the prices of them coming down considerably to be more competive. There are many more superior products out there in comparison to the bull. Just the other day I had an Energy Drink, Lost Five-O Energy+Juice. Great taste even my son liked. Plus I love the cans. The next Energy drink I prefer is XS energy drinks, which needs to be purchased online or from a distributor. Great tasting drinks with loads of adaptogenic herbs. If you need a shot of vitamin B, this is your Energy drink.

Below is my Energy Drink List. I will add to this list as I discover drinks that I enjoy, and I am also including herbal drinks and teas.
  1. XS Energy Drinks(email me I can hook you up with a distributor) particularly love the Lemon Blast and the Tropical Blast
  2. Lost Energy+Juice
  3. Arizona Green Tea with Honey
  4. Sobe(love em all)
  5. Snapple especially diet lemon tea
  6. Turkey Hill teas (I love the ginseng with honey)

If you see a drink that I should try...Let me know.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Slaw Dogs

Slaw dogs, hot dogs with cole slaw are my favorite type of hot dog. A Slaw Dog list of places that serve slaw dogs is being compiled at

Surprisingly, I have come upon many places that do not or will not serve slaw dogs. Hot Dog joints in the Lehigh Valley to include Yoccos, Sharkey's, Potts Doggie Shop, Jimmy's Hot Dogs, and Richards Drive-In to name a few, don't serve them. They all have very fine hot dogs however. The one that I have frequented the most is probably Sharkies, because it is so close the Earth-in-Hand, the Landscape Company that I worked for several years.

Just found a really cool food site that has a tremendous hot dog page. Wow, I am hungry again. Have to see about visiting the place I saw on the menu they serve a hot dog with cream cheese and onions. HMM. They also have a hot dog site .
Hot dogs as amazing as it may seem can be really awful. I had the worst Chili dog in Kutztown yesterday. So terrible that I had to take all of the chili off. Marks the place I got them from, is saved, because I also got an order of Onion rings that were mouth wateringly good. Oh, and no slaw dogs on the menu.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Health and Wellness Products

Health and Wellness Products
Recently while under the weather with some buy, I ran out of my Echinacea. Even though I was taking cold pills and sinus meds, I find if I start a regimen of Echinacea immediately when I notice symptoms of a cold, I can either stop it dead in its tracks or at least shorten its duration. Not that I have any solid proof, but it does seem to help, and if millions of other people use it, it must have some effect. Just because its not backed by the AMA, does not mean it is not effective.
Anyway, while searching on line, I found a Health and Wellness Products Website that not only had Echinacea, but also had Valerian Root to help my restless mind sleep at night. My mom had given me some on one of my visits, and I never slept so well at her house. (View some valerian roots just harvested from Henriette's Herbal Blog.)
My order was placed on Thursday afternoon. I received an email from the sites customer support telling me it would be shipped ASAP, and they also wished me well. The products arrived yesterday(Saturday) in the mail. After having taken one dose of Echinacea, I am feeling healther already.
My experience with the Herbalnaturalhealthplus website was very positive. I would definitely recommend this site to friends, and I will surely order other health and wellness products from them in the future.

Found the health and wellness site on:

Health And Fitness :: Resources Online Your online health and fitness resource centre.
and then while surfing also saw it on:

eNatural - Natural Therapies Directory
Find a Natural Therapist near you with eNatural Natural Therapies Directory

So it must be good.