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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Gift site

Was on a gift site today, looking for a gift for Lizzie. Hmm lots of delicious looking gift ideas on this site, in particular the Chocolate gift baskets. Lizzy is a chocoholic at times. Many people do get cravings for chocolate. Well perhaps I will have to order her something for her Birthday from this site.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Titanium Drill Set

Recently purchased an as seen on TV product, a Titanium Drill Set from, which is a home improvement site. I have been needing a good set of bits, since the ones that came with my cordless drill have a lot to be desired. Everytime I tried to use one, it seemed the bits would be shredded in a matter of minutes, and frequently the task I was working on would remain incomplete due to frustration caused by the weak metal of the bits. The package arrived quickly, and upon opening it I was impressed by the container which has plastic dividers to keep the various fasteners organized. I have not had the opportunity to use the bits, but I am sure I will use them all at one time or another.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Recycling Bowling Balls

I was recently working on marketing for a bowling ball site,, which sells bowling gear to include bowling bags, bowling shoes, bowling shirts, and of course bowling balls, when I came across this bowling ball wall picture on and a more on Flickr. Kind of a cool idea for a wall. I was very surprised to see as many bowling ball pictures on Flickr as I did. Many people have done some interesting things to recycle them to include using them in their gardens, using them in crafts, and my favorite making a bowling balls tree. I don't advocate it, but the guy who found a bowling ball in the dumpster and then with his friends help, took turns hitting it with a sledge hammer, appears to have had a lot fun.
So why am I writing this post about bowling balls, what does it have to do with Consumerism. If anything, it is a message to consumers that no matter what it is, practice the tree R's- reduce, reuse, and recycle...even if it is a bowling ball.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Alex's Lemonade Stand Heist

Well July is over and Rita's is still serving Alex's Lemonade Ice. Lizzy is not complaining nor am I. Although I do like the other flavors. I think blueberry has to be my favorite...blueberries are brain food after all. The Boyertown Rita's also had Alex's parents over on Sunday July 23rd. They also were shaving heads for charity that day. I was a little disappointed thought that they did not shave down to the skin.
Alex's was also in the news recently when some juvenile's broke into Alex's headquarters and stole some cash and some other items. The way it sounds, the people who broken in new what they were looking for. What kind of people would steel from such an organization. I like to believe Karma comes around. I just hope they needed the money more than the kids whom it was meant to help.
If it doesn't make you cry thinking about it, it might make you laugh if you think of the thugs stupidity. What kind of person goes and steels lemonade stand money.