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Monday, January 08, 2007

Diet Smoothie

We ordered Diet Smoothies from last week and we received them today and actually had them for lunch at about 1pm. I had been noticing my waist size gradually getting bigger, and since it is a new year, what a better way to start off than with a diet. Actually, I started prior to the new year, but it officially is starting now. Lizzie too had been noticing her clothing getting a little tighter than she prefers.
So we have some goals that we will attempt to revisit quarterly, and one of the more important ones is to get in shape. We are attempting to go to the gym at a minumum of 3-4 times per week. Went 3 times last week, and once this week so far. We are also going to be eating a lot healthier. This means less eating out, more fish and chicken, and you guessed it having smoothie instead of a meal on a daily basis.
The Lean Cocoa Bean smoothie that I had for lunch tasted pretty good. It has the consistency of a thin milk shake, and tastes much like a glass of chocolate milk. Its loaded with vitamins and minerals and only has about 110 calories per serving. The shakes are mixed in a blender with skim milk or fruit juice. We chose skim milk...not quite sure what the chocolate smoothie would taste like with OJ. Reading the label, I notice the Rightsize Smoothies have an ingredient called Apemine which is an appetite reducer. It is now quarter to 4, and we both are not hungry.
Anyway I will update the post with my future weight loss progess using the shakes as time permits.
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