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Friday, April 28, 2006

Joining a Gym

Joining a gym is a costly and important investment in ones health and in todays society it is not just for those people who love to pump iron. Often times, it is a necessity for ones health. In fact, many health insurers offer discounts for people who belong to gyms. After reading an article, "How to Buy a Gym Membership" I realized a few mistakes that I made when I first joined a gym. First, I did not proceed slowly. The gym , the one that Arnold made famous in his movie "Pumping Iron, that I was taken to by a friend, was having a membership drive to pay for a new facility. They had a trial membership, but I was enticed into a membership. Big mistake. I am not a person who can go to a gym and work out seriously. This gym has been known as “The Mecca of Bodybuilding.’’ Not a place that I could feel comfortable to work out. There is a reason Curves has had such an explosion. There is a need for that type of facility that does not intimidate. Next I invision a facility were out of shape middle aged men can go to and not feel badly working out next to Arnold Jr. Any way, needless to say, I did not like the facility. I went less than a dozen times. Tried to cancel my membership and was given a run around. Went to the gym that I worked out in(not the one I signed up in) and was told they could not cancel my membership I would have to make an appointment to do so. Called a number of the person I was to talk with about cancelling, but he never returned my call. Was billed for several more months. Moved to another city, and was still not able to quit. It's funny, but when joining they touted that it was a flexible membership. Very funny. Also, was told that the new gradiose facility would be open in January of 2005; last I heard it openned a year off schedule. So you get the idea, I jumped into the gym membership a little too quickly.
Next, I did very little research. I was aware of other gyms, but this one was just too good to be true. There would soon be a climbing wall, and child care. The fact that a really atractive sales lady was encouraging me to meet my goals by working out at her gym, and my friend would recieve a fre month of gym membership was pulling me in...I was doomed to have an unused gym membership.
The next item on the list was in the gyms favor. It has many locations in the city I was living in, and the hours of operation were also condusive to my schedule. If any thing the convience played a major role in my decision.
The next thing that I failed to do was to review the facilities. Reviewing the facilities and comparing would have been a smart thing to do. I should have realized that I am into things other than pumping iron or even working it out on some cardio bike. I need to move. A swimming pool and track are important elements in my effective work out regimine. Neither of which the first organization I joined had or has to the best of my knowledge.
My current gym, the Springvalley YMCA has many of the elements that make a facility that I enjoy using. The facility has activities geared towards all the memebers of the family form 6 to 60 as well as facilities that Arnold would find quite adequate. The running facilities include an indoor 3 lane track, and a marked path outside that is about 3/4 of a mile in length. The swimming facilities include lap pool and childrens facilities. The Y, to me seems like a better gym for people who would be intimidated with a gym that has its roots in Bodybuilding. Whether your into body building, a sport that requires training, or just want or need to get in shape; do your due diligence and see what type of gym you will feel comftortable. If you it feels good to you, you are more likely to utilize your membership.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thrift Stores

Ever since I started shopping for my own clothes I have buying form thrift stores. The first time I bought something at one was when my grandfather took me to one and I bought a blue jean suit jacket which I had for many years. I also bought a coffee mug that day and still have it 20 some odd years later. The jacket has long since been out grown and out dated. But I have since then visited and purchased many items from thrift stores. When I was in college, my wardrobe was continually being upgraded by the local thrift shops. The best thrift shops are in the really expensive neighborhoods. While selling insurance, my whole business attire was almost entirely obtained from thrift shops.
Some of my favorite thrift stores are:
So for a great bargain, check your local thrift shops. The Goodwill fashions store off of 422 in Royersford has a great deal. You can buy a shopping card and it will give you an additional 30% off of color marked clothing. We used it the same day, and it more than paid for itself. Cards are good for a year, and are accepted at any Goodwill store.

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Owl optical wallet light.

Saw that add on TV for the Owl optical wallet light . Last night I saw one while shopping and picked one up. Someone I know is always leaving her glasses else where and then has a hard time reading menus when we go out. What a cool idea. Gonna have to get a couple more.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sauna Belt

Recently purchased a sauna belt from . Boy that thing gets hot. According to Seenontvexpress, the Velform Sauna Belt acts like a traditional sauna, but is able to target specific body parts with direct heat. While using the suana belt you are either standing up(not moving and near electric) or laying down in bed, and can not use it for no longer than 45 minutes per sitting. Well have only used it for several nights, but I will have to let you know how it turns out. Also noticed the belt is a nice to use if it is a little cool out side. Can hardly wait for that six pack to appear. Well I am just hoping to get back into my size 34 with the use of my sauna belt.
Love that as Seen on TV store. Purchased the Sauna Belt, and arrived within a week. The next thing I think I am going to get from them is their Esteban Guitar package. I have a niece who is having a birthday that would love to learn play guitar. Ahh, so many cool products, so little time.