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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Soda Machines in School

I was reading Tom Keating's post "Coke's New Twist on Vending Machines" and was having flash backs of my teaching days in lunch rooms where the din could only be silenced by ear plugs, of which smart teachers have at their disposal.
The new interactive fridge looks like a device that will go over big with the new up coming consumers, with its ability to be interactive. This will be great for the Coke memorabilia collectors, especially if these new machines replace the current models...Have you ever priced those old machines.
I am sure the coke machines will still be in the lunch rooms, however, they will more than likely be stocked with Cokes more nutritious products such Dansani bottled water, Fruitopia, Nestea, and Powerade.
I am also sure that with the passage of this legislation, it will create a greater demand for carbonated beverages. Students will be smuggling them in, and sneaking into the bathrooms to secretly drink a high octane beverage. In my ten years in the school system, I caught more than one student downing a soda during break.
This ban on unhealthy food will do no more than create a demand for them, after all we always want what we can not have.

So I am making two predictions:

  1. unhealthy products will continue to and actually increase in abundance in schools
  2. collectible soda machine prices will increase


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