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Monday, July 03, 2006

Free Internet Access

Don't you hate being in a hotel, and having to pay for Internet Access. I really believe that a true four star hotel would have this as an include service. When traveling I often am searching for free hotspots...I really love going to a coffee shop that has free access...they will have a customer for life, and I will gladly refer others to their establishment. So I think I should make a list of Free wireless Internet Access places.

  1. Panera Bread Not only free access, but great bread, bagels and pastries. Tasty sandwiches also.
  2. Urban Grind This is a franchise that we encoutered on our trip to Whistler,BC. At the time it was free, but they were in the middle of joining one of the subscription programs. But they were also giving away free passes to customers. Great coffee and pastries. The one we visited was in Richmond BC.
  3. La Quinta Inn & Suites stayed here while on our trip to Winston-Salem

I will gladly add others this list, just leave a comment and I will add it to the list of Free Internet Access.


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